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Holding two red bricks in his hand, he wore a brick red peaked cap on his head.


Li Xiaogang, 35, sat on a pile of bricks and read Xu Zhimo's "Farewell Cambridge Again" to the camera.


This is his original program-"Brick" read aloud for you.


"Gently I left, just as I came gently; I waved gently, saying goodbye to the clouds in the western sky...".


Close your eyes and listen to this familiar poem, as if at a grand party, the host slowly spoke in the most standard tone.


Open your eyes, this sincere, simple, and joyful middle-aged man is the reality.


Li Xiaogang. Picture / Shenmu TV station

l Ixia o刚. picture / S很MU TV station

Li Xiaogang, a migrant worker from Yulin, Shaanxi.

l Ixia o刚, A migrant worker from Yul in, SHA安息.

When I saw him sitting on the construction site reading aloud for the first time, his focused and devoted expression reminded me of Lu Yao's "Ordinary World". The same goes for Sun Shaoping, who just finished hard work.


He was holding the book, sitting on the dusty yellow ground, reading fascinatingly...


At that moment, you deeply realized that life and poetry have never been absent in this barren land of the Loess Plateau.


When a person is trapped in life, he will spare no effort to pursue himself spiritually. Like a free bird, eager to break free from the cage and fly out, wanting to fly a little further.


In 1993, there was a strong "northwest wind" in the literary world. Shaanxi, a literary hot spot, began to restlessly, shining with brilliance.


There is Lu Yao’s "Life" before, and "The Ordinary World" afterwards, as well as "Bai Lu Yuan" by Chen Zhongshi, "The Deserted City" by Jia Pingwa, Jing Fu's "Even in Eight Miles", "Love Destiny" by Cheng Hai, "The Last Huns" by Gao Jianqun...


A powerful "literary Shaanxi Army" uttered a loud voice in the desert.


August 1985, in Yulin desert. From left: Chen Zhongshi, Baizhu, Jingfu, ziye, Luyao, Jia Pingwa.

August 1985, in Yul in desert. from left: Chen z洪诗, B唉祝, jin功夫, 子夜, l u要, J IAP ing哇.

Since then, whether in the literary world or in reality, the shock that Shaanxi and the people here have brought us has touched the soul.


As Sun Shaoping said:

as Suns好瓶塞的:

"I am an ordinary person, but ordinary people can live extraordinary lives.


There is an ordinary homeland that belongs to them. Everything here seems ordinary, but not so ordinary."


This is probably also the homeland that Lu Yao used his life to love and compose in his heart.


This homeland is the extraordinary Yulin.


Yulin Street.


Northern Shaanxi and northern Shaanxi, one is Yan'an and the other is Yulin.


Yulin is located in the northernmost part of Shaanxi, with the Mu Us Desert in the north and hills and gullies in the south. Connected with Yan'an, there are mountains when you look up, except for mountains.

榆林位于陕西最北端,北部为Mu Us沙漠,南部为丘陵和沟壑。与延安相连,仰望时除了高山,还有高山。

The mountains are winding and rolling, the vegetation is sparse, and the face is gray, like an old man.


Wind-sand grass beaches and loess hills are everywhere. Yulin, since ancient times, has had the desolation of "sorrowing and breaking the geese from the north of Guansai". Emperor Kangxi once wrote "Two guarding the lone city, forever loyal and courageous" to Yulin.


This desert city, which has had countless wars in history, and has achieved countless ambitions and love for children, has been unwilling for thousands of years.


In Jiaxian County, Yulin, Shaanxi, the Yellow River made a big turn here.


In the 1990s, many Hong Kong directors took a fancy to the boundlessness and sadness of the northwest. At the same time, the power of the "literary Shaanxi army" was also rising.


They fall in love with the barrenness here, and are even more obsessed with the unyielding here. Different from the Japanese aesthetics of mourning, the Great Northwest is more of a resistance to world affairs and destiny.


The winner of the resistance is "New Dragon Inn", and the loser is "Journey to the West". If you want to remember the past and compromise with yourself, then it should be "Evil and West Poison".


Hong Kong movies at that time: "The New Dragon Inn", "Journey to the West", "Evil in the West".


In June 1993, Director Wong Kar-wai took five superstars: Leslie Cheung/Leung Tow Wai/Leung Ka-fai/Lin Ching-xia/Jacky Cheung (because Carina Lau and Maggie Cheung’s scenes were completed in Hong Kong, they did not go to Yulin, so they were the five superstars) to the Yulin Desert in Shaanxi.


Filming his new movie "Evil in the East".


Twenty-seven years have passed, how many people have found their own shadow in the desert knight portrayed by Wong Kar-wai.


However, almost no one remembers that this movie, which was completed in the desert of northern Shaanxi, was never about the grievances of the rivers and lakes. Instead, it composes the tragedy of time that is constantly lost and forgotten during the alternation of the four seasons.


Lonely smoke in the desert, yellow sand blocking the sun, peach blossoms and flowing water.


Time is changing, but the story that happened here has never passed away.


The poster of "Evil East and West: Ultimate Edition" is re-screened.


Following Wong Kar-wai's aesthetic filters, and then looking back at the Hongshi Gorge in Yulin, there is more sadness and sentiment.


The Red Rock Canyon is located in the Mu Us Desert and is about 350 meters long. The east cliff of the canyon is about 11.5 meters high, and the west cliff is 13 meters high. To

红岩峡谷位于Mu Us沙漠,长约350米。峡谷的东悬崖高约11.5米,西悬崖高13米。至

With beautiful mountains and beautiful waters, ancient grottoes, cliffs and stone carvings, Hongshixia is known as the "Forest of Monuments".


It is recorded in "The History of Yulin Mansion" that "the Red Mountain has spring water gushing from the cave. The King Li Jiqian of Xixia took a fancy to this geomantic treasure land, sent people to block the water and cut stones as caves, bury the ancestors, and divert the water. on."


The Yuxi River flows through the gorge to the west of the city. The literati and military officers who stationed in Yulin in ancient times all loved here, inscribed and expressed the heroic aspirations of the frontier fortress.


Therefore, Hongshixia is also a treasure house of the Great Wall calligraphy art.


In the caves, large and small, there are statues and reliefs of different shapes.


Although after years of baptism, it has been weathered and incomplete, but the past glory can still be glimpsed.


When he first came to Hongshixia 27 years ago, Wang Jiawei didn't know where to start. In this vast, deserted place, the crew will shoot for a year.


During this period, only his brother Leslie Cheung never left, until the filming of the film.


Filming in the Maowusu Desert in Yulin was quite difficult, but the crew had a lot of joy. It is said that my elder brother often buys watermelons from farmers, ranging from 20 to 30.


He also invented the eating method of burying the watermelon in the sand and digging it out the next day. Because he said, this kind of watermelon is particularly cool and refreshing.


But as soon as the desert wind blew, the sky was filled with yellow sand. The landmarks buried by my brother are often covered and blown away by the wind and sand.


So you can imagine that in the desert, my brother led Tony Leung, Tony Leung, Brigitte Lin, Joey Wong (participated in the filming, but the scene was cut), Jacky Cheung and the others, bowed their heads and poked their butt, while burying the watermelon, looking for the watermelon and digging The watermelon scene...?


It should be particularly interesting. To


Once there was a martial arts group performer from Yulin Sports College. He asked his brother on the set how it felt to come to Yulin?


My brother smiled and said, "My mouth is a bit dry, my throat is a bit irritated..." But this place is so unique, it is the first time he has come to such a place.


The unique scenery of Yulin is not limited to Hongshi Gorge and desert.


There is also the Danxia landform that has gone through 150 million years and is full of time scars, not losing to the American Wave Valley.


Danxia landform in Longzhou. Picture/Travel to Shaanxi

D按下landform in long周. picture/travel to SHA安息

There is the town of Ephedra Liang, which is named because of its high terrain and growing ephedra. The ancient Great Wall traverses from east to west, as a boundary.


The southern part of Mahuangliang Town is called "seven mountains, two sands and one field" with thousands of gullies, crisscross, and bumblebees. The terrain in the north is relatively gentle, a desert oasis, showing all kinds of customs.


By the way, there is also Zhenbei Station, known as the "First Station of the Great Wall".


Zhenbei Terrace is located on the top of the Red Mountain 4 kilometers north of Yulin City. It is one of the most magnificent and magnificent buildings in the Great Wall ruins of the Ming Dynasty. It is also called the "Three Wonders of the Great Wall" along with Shanhaiguan and Jiayuguan. To


The picture was taken in 2019.


This year, Pan Yueming's "Longling Miku" made Gaojiabao in Shenmu County, Yulin another big fire.


When Hu Bayi and Wang Fatty came to "Gulan County" to hunt for treasure, the guest house that went straight to the city was the state-owned hotel in Gaojiapu.


In the TV series "The Ordinary World", Yuanxi County was also shot in Gaojiapu.


Gaojiapu Town still retains its unique cultural landscape and customs. The courtyards and buildings in the Ming and Qing dynasties complement each other, forming three streets and sixteen lanes.


On Gaojiapu Street. Figure / Yulin release by Yang Bin

o NGA O家谱street. Figure / Y U林release编译yang bin

A century-old street, an ancient town.


If you walk here, you will know why. It was once rated as one of the best summer resort towns in China.


Before arriving in Yulin, many people’s impression of northern Shaanxi was that there were yellow sands, dusty, ravines, flocks squirming, and the reverberating plateau scene.


However, here is not only the sky and the earth, the blue sky and white clouds are high, and the old streets of Yulin are even more lingering.


Yulin Old Street. Picture/Yulin Daily


As Feng Jicai said:


"With a few old streets in a city, there will be a kind of self-history, unique experience, and a kind of rich and deep nostalgia...


If there is an old street in any city, it is a family heirloom."


Ok! Yulin Old Street is the "heirloom" of Yulin City.


Old Street is located on the east side of Yulin City, with Tuoshan in the east and Yuyang River in the south. It is about 1.65 kilometers in length. It is a historical street integrating groceries, commodities, catering, services, culture and tourism.


The snow scene of Yulin Old Street. Picture/Little Red Book by Teacher Meow and Little Mengbao's Daily Life


Since ancient times, the ancient city of Yulin has been known as "Little Beijing", and the pattern presented is the ancient city of Taichung in the north and south tower.


The architectural style here is very similar to that of old Beijing, but it is more peaceful and relaxing than Beijing Hutong.


Ming and Qing architecture runs through the entire street, during which six pavilions of Ming and Qing style, including Drum Tower, Kaige Tower, Bell Tower, and Xingming Tower, are arranged in sequence. The ancient charm is full of charm, allowing Yulin's fireworks and history to coexist.


Yulin Old Street. Figure/Little Red Book by Xiaohu


On holidays, in the old days, during the Qingming Festival, a folk spontaneous "clay doll party" with clay sculpture crafts as the main body will be held here for 3 days.


This should be the busiest time of Yulin Old Street.


The blue sky is shaded by green trees, the streets are full of screams with a strong northern Shaanxi dialect, and the sound of drums comes from the instrument workshop, tacitly scoring each other.


During the festivals, the folk yangko of northern Shaanxi began to dance, stepping on the drums, and igniting the whole street with joy.


Picture/Yuyang Tourism


Most of the time, you will see old people walking around, humming a few Qinqiang or Yulin tunes on the street; people enjoying the coolness sitting in groups of three or five, chatting, playing cards, and chess.


In this ordinary day, people turned the years on the old street into poetry.


And in the old feelings of Yulin people, there is one called: Go, go shopping in the old street.


Twenty-seven years ago, the older brother who spent a year shooting and digging watermelons in the Mu Us Desert in northern Shaanxi could not have imagined that one day the desert here would turn green.


In the same period, I finished "The Ordinary World", and at the last moments of my life, I was still thinking about Luyao in my homeland. I shouldn't have thought of the yellow land that brought poverty and poverty to the people in northern Shaanxi and tempered their heroic and tough personality. Has become today's desert oasis.


It is like an emerald green pearl inlaid in the northwest of China.


Green water and green mountains, eyes full of lush green.


This year, the Shaanxi Forestry Bureau released the latest data: The control rate of desertified land in Yulin City has reached 93.24%.


In other words, the Mu Us Desert, once a restricted area of ​​life, will "disappear" from the territory of Shaanxi.

换句话说,曾经是生活禁区的Mu Us沙漠将从陕西领土上``消失''。

Jijiapo Woodland, Shangyanwan Town, Yuyang District. Picture / Yuyang District Forestry Bureau

J i家婆woodland, shang演完town, Y U样district. picture / Y U样district forestry bureau

Desert Ecological Park in Yuyang District. Picture / Yuyang District Forestry Bureau


The people of northern Shaanxi have been walking on this green road from the long yellow sand to the aquatic plants in the Mu Us Desert for more than half a century.

陕北人民在这条绿色的道路上行走,从漫长的黄沙到Mu Us Desert的水生亚愽app网页植物已有半个多世纪了。

The Mu Us Desert is located at the junction of Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia. It means "bad water" in Mongolian and is also called "Ordos Sand". It covers an area of ​​4.22 square kilometers, half of which is in Yulin.

Mu Us沙漠位于陕西和内蒙古的交界处。在蒙古语中意为“坏水”,也称为“鄂尔多斯沙”。它的面积为4.22平方公里,其中一半位于榆林。

During the pre-Qin period, a prosperous civilization was conceived here. With agricultural reclamation and climate change, it became a vast wilderness in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.


In modern times, Yulin City was forced to relocate three times because of the raging sand and wind in the desert. This is the historical "three extensions to Yuyang".


In the oral chant of the local population, this is how the Yulin area is described: The high end of the mountain is bald, and the beach is without woods. The yellow sand is rolling, ten ploughing and nine not harvesting; Feisha and Shishi have no food, and the older generations live in green houses; the house is buried under pressure and people move away, and shake their heads when they see yellow sand.


Sha Jin and people retreated, and many people left their homes for this reason to make a living.


Some people chose to stay and smashed to the end with the wind and sand.


In the autumn of 1977, the militiamen of the Bulanghe Women's Desert Control Company of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province marched into the desert. Picture/Shaanxi Forestry Bureau


In the 1960s, 80% of the land in Bulanghe, a small village in Yulin City, was swallowed up by yellow sand and vegetation was scarce.


54 girls with an average of only 18 years old formed a sand control company of Bulanghe Women's Militia, opening a sand control road spanning several generations.


It is hard to imagine that the newly planted saplings are always "eaten by the roots" by the strong wind; they endure the severe cold in winter, and the feet and ears are covered with frostbite; if there is no water, they cut off a long hair and drove the tractor with a flat head. , Struggling day and night.

很难想象新种植的树苗总是被强风“扎根”;他们在冬天忍受严寒,脚和耳朵被冻伤覆盖。如果没有水,他们会剪掉一根长发,然后用平头开着拖拉机。 ,日夜挣扎。

Photo/China Women's Daily


Combating sand requires the effort and effort of several generations. The older female soldier Xi Yongcui sent his three granddaughters and two nieces to the front line of sand control.


With the struggle of generations of Bulanghe female soldiers, 14,425 acres of Bulanghe desert became an oasis, more than 800 dunes disappeared, and 33 wind-proof and sand-fixing forest belts guarded the land.


The current scenery of the station of the Bulanghe Women's Militia Sand Control Company. Picture/Office of the People's Government of Yulin City


There are many miracles like this that happened in the Mu Us Desert.

Mu Us Desert发生了许多这样的奇迹。

In 32 years, Yin Yuzhen, the "desert queen" who planted more than 70,000 acres of forest, relied on the belief that "I can't let the sand bully death, planting trees is to live".


Turning a desert in Ordos, Inner Mongolia into an ecological park.


Yin Yuzhen. Picture / "Desert Family"


Roses are in full bloom in the garden, Chinese wolfberry, watermelon seedlings, plum trees, cherry trees, and walnut trees are harvested throughout the year, carrying the best expectations for life.


Shi Guangyin, who has cured Sha for a lifetime, went from 19 to 70. In order to protect Yulin, he said:


"Sand control has become the only thing to do in life.


As long as one day does not die, one day’s tree must be planted, and future generations must continue this matter. "

只要一天没有死,就必须种上一天的树,子孙后代必须继续这样做。 ”

Shi Guangyin. Photo / Yulin daily


Seeing today's Mu Us Desert, I have to stand in awe.

看到今天的Mu Us Desert,我必须敬畏。

The former shawowo turned into an oasis, which is the realization of Yulin people's thousand-year dream.


Sowing green is the persistence of several generations in Shaanxi.


This perseverance is also the spirit of northern Shaanxi that has been conveyed by Lu Yao.


We are the ordinary majority, Sun Shaoan (the hero of the movie "Ordinary World") is, so is Li Xiaogang.


They fumbled in the barren, and yearned for transcendence and greatness. In the loess wasteland, Luyao used his pen and life to paint one model after another of trying to break into the world.


He said that in an ordinary world, people need to endure a certain amount of pain and anxiety. At the same time, please also believe in the individual's will and the strength of the group. If you fight firmly for survival, you will have the opportunity to achieve your desired life.


Isn't today's green Yulin the best proof?


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