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Tiger Fight, October 2 News Beijing time next Monday at 02:15, the fourth round of the Premier League, Liverpool will be a guest against Villa. Before the game, Klopp attended the press conference.


"There is no news that Brewster is leaving, so I can't say anything.


"Brewster was indeed injured. He had an outstanding half-season performance in Swansea and scored goals for us in the preseason.


"How many players do you expect we will leave? I have no concept of this number. For the media or fans, the transfer window is who left and who came. For the club, the team lineup is the most important. We want to give the players a feeling that they are here because the team needs them. They did not choose the wrong place. We will find a solution for each player. Some are for rent and some are for sale."


"In a long season, if I have 24-25 players to choose from, then this is not a problem. But if the players feel unwell, we need to communicate. This is what we are doing at this stage."


"What we want to see is that VAR will make everything clearer and make correct judgments. In the end, it is meaningless to make judgments at the end of the discussion. It is important to keep the rules as simple as possible. Before we find a real solution, we still have some work to do. Regarding offside, this is not a question of rules, but how we understand this rule and how to enforce it. However, the referee must abide by this rule."


"Regarding handball, there will be some tricky and strange decisions in the future. I know the referees don’t want to do that, but they must follow the rules.


"If we want to defend the Premier League title this season, we must improve because other teams are improving."


"During the transfer window, every team used signings to increase their strength, and Villa is the same. Traore and Barkley are two great signings for Villa."


"Curtis Jones has improved in both football and personal level. He has matured. I am very happy that he is by our side. He is part of Liverpool. This season, he has scored 2 goals. It is a good result.


"Every team that can enter the Champions League draw has only one reason-they are a very good team. Atalanta is a surprising team in Serie A, and they are now stable at the forefront of Serie A. Ajax has always had it. Excellent young players are emerging. This is a very interesting grouping, so look forward to it. I can’t wait to start analyzing the opponents next week. Each opponent in this group has a different style, so we need to make sure to be prepared."


"Henderson will participate in part of the team's training today, and we will see how he is doing. He has no problem now. The injury is healed. We will see if he can enter the next step of recovery. The significance of our weekend game is not yet clear."


"Obviously, Henderson will take advantage of the international match day to adapt to the game. He only trained for 4-5 days before the start of the season."


"I don亚愽app网页’t want to say anything that sounds disrespectful, because we don’t know what other countries are doing at the moment. But at this time, you definitely want your family to be with you, and the football team is the same. I am a little worried. The football associations are very difficult to contact."


"We sent the players away, but the Premier League and broadcasters added additional challenges to us because they don't care about the intensive schedule. I'm not complaining, but it is really difficult. If you can give us a little help from time to time, just All right."


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